“I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete for 7 years and I have never worked with someone who has the sport specific knowledge to not only treat my injuries, but also diagnose them and then send me home with exercises to improve my condition.  Her use of dry needling and expertise has healed what I thought was a chronic shoulder injury.”  - Stacey Kroon, Crossfit Games Athlete

“I felt it was important to acknowledge Dr. Ginsburg’s work. I do not say this lightly. She is the only person in a terrible and painful number of years and series of inquiries, tests, and physicians who was truly able to help me regain my life. She was able to focus in on my  needs in any given session and what could be accomplished during our time together. She also clearly let me know that I would need to be an active participant in my healing by doing all of the exercises she assigned me.” - B.G.

“Isabella qualified to Regionals yesterday and we just wanted to thank you because without you I’m not sure she would have recovered as well as she did from that bilateral fracture. Your expertise and guidance was a huge part of her return to gymnastics.” - A.M.

“You’re the best!! Did some squat cleans & burpees, no pain!! I even did my 1 mile walk to work in 12 minutes instead of 20 minutes. PT has helped so much with my pain and flexibility; I can’t thank you enough!! I am so happy I am not in pain anymore and can’t thank you enough! You’re an awesome therapist!” - C. S.

“I can’t thank you enough. After you worked on me I woke up the next morning and it was like I had a new pec and now it’s close to 100 percent. You are amazing. Thanks again!” - J.A.

“I can speak from experience when I say Lauryn is the best! She has helped me through numerous injuries including hip impingements, bicep tendinitis and a pulled hip flexor. If you’re an athlete in need of some PT or maybe just a tune up Lauryn is your go to on the North Shore!” - K.V.

“Lauryn is incredible! I had a significant amount of hip pain that was causing issues with a lot of my lifts. She was able to see me on very short notice and pinpoint the cause immediately - surprisingly, it was my quad and not my hip. Not only did her treatment provide instant relief for me, but her advice for warming up and stretching was so great that I ended up only needing that one appointment. I recommend her to anyone dealing with pain or mobility issues and she will be my first call if I run into issues again in the future.”- R.T.

“Lauryn is an amazing Physical Therapist and someone who I would highly recommend to anyone who was in need of repair of an injury or wanted advice about physical maintenance. She has helped me reach my very aggressive rehab goals several times and got me back to playing sports and working to my maximum potential. If you need a great Physical Therapist GO SEE LAURYN GINSBURG!” - M.D.

“Dr. Lauryn Ginsburg is the best physical therapist I have ever seen. Whether it was an old nagging injury or a new ache she knows exactly how to treat it. She very caring and makes sure she gives at home stretching or strengthening exercises to continue the healing process between visits. I couldn’t say enough to recommend her.” - M.K.